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Providing Permits and Production Support For International Film Crews

We Specialize in Film Permits and Production Support for International Film Crews In Thailand

It’s clear why Thailand is such a popular destination for international tourists and film makers alike. A fascinating mix of east meets west with glittering temples, dense jungles, diverse wildlife, stunning tropical islands exotic beaches and friendly warm hearted people. The diverse natural landscapes contrast with the bustling energy and vibrancy of Bangkok, one of the world’s largest urban metropolis. For film making professionals of all genre's, Thailand is a land of unlimited filming potential. When the diversity and quality of Thailand's attractions are combined with it's exceptional infrastructure, accessibility and affordability, it comes as no surprise that many hundreds of international film productions per year choose Thailand as the backdrop for their projects.

The Thai government has a proactive policy stance when it comes to attracting and supporting foreign productions that would like to turn their film making dreams into reality within 'The Land of Smiles'. The Thailand Film Office, a division under the Ministry of Tourism, was established with the Authority to grant Film Permits to foreign crews wishing to practice their craft in Thailand. Besides issuing film permits, The Thailand Film office is able to facilitate Cash Rebates of between 15 and 20% for qualifying film productions that meet certain investment and crewing criteria.  

It should be noted that the Thailand Film Office does not accept applications for film permits directly from foreign entities. Only licensed, registered local coordinators, who have actively undergone training with the Thailand Film Office are permitted to process permits on behalf of foreign productions. Therefore, it is important that you carefully select a permit processing outfit with a strong track record of successfully obtaining Film permits and facilitating International Film shoots in Thailand. 



Our team at "Film Permit Thailand" have successfully obtained film permits for over 100 international productions in Thailand commissioned by Major Broadcasters including Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, National Geographic, Warner Brothers, BBC, Discovery Channel, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, TV New Zealand, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and many more. We are proud to have helped all of those productions to full fill their production goals, consistently and reliably.

Our Team at Film Permit Thailand has successfully obtained Film Permits and provided production support in Thailand for films commissioned by dozens of major global broadcasters and streamers including Netflix, Disney+, Warner Brothers, Google, BBC1, ABC Australia, Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel, BBC4, BBC2, TV New Zealand, Nike, Smithsonian Society, Fox, Mr Beast, New York Times, Studio Ramsay, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, PBS America, The History Channel, Childrens BBC and many more. We have the experience and know how to successfully support your Thailand Film shoot from start to finish. Contact us today for all of your permit and production support needs.