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Film Permits Are Mandatory for Foreign Film Crews in Thailand.

The Authorities of Thailand implicitly support foreign film crews showcasing their nations natural and cultural treasures to the world on film, on the condition that the local culture and the laws are respected and the nation is not cast in a negative light. However, there are certain bureaucratic procedures that need to be fulfilled in order to ensure foreign productions do not run into legal issues.

Violations of the law can have disastrous consequences for productions and crew who are non compliant, therefore it is vitally important that international productions should follow the standard procedures that are in place to allow them to legally obtain film permits and work permits. As with most countries, pleading ignorance of media and labor laws is not a viable defense against prosecution for infractions. Fortunately, Film Permit Thailand has an experienced team available to make compliance a relatively easy process for foreign crews, providing them with more secure and reliable outcomes when filming in Thailand. 



To be clear: All professional film projects to be undertaken in Thailand by non Thai's, must first be granted a general film permit issued by the Thailand Film Office and a work permit from the department of Labor to legally work your craft within the Kingdom . To obtain this permit the foreign productions must employ the services of a licensed coordinator, who is accredited with the Thailand film office (members of our team at Film Permit Thailand are licensed and accredited with the Thailand Film Office). Foreign crews are not permitted to apply for these permits directly. Likewise, only Thai registered companies are able to apply for Work Permits, this is where Film Permit Thailand comes in as your representative to take care of the permit and location management formalities and to provide general production support in the form of research, recce's, fixers, logistics, recruitment and equipment support.

Filming Epic Beaches  and Islands Film Permit Thailand
Filming a music festival Thailand
Remote Jungle Filming National Park Permits Thailand
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Amazing Beaches Filming Film Permits Thailand
Seamonkey Filming Film Permits Thailand
Product Commercial Set Filming Permit Thailand
Pristine Beaches Filming Permits Thailand

Legal Compliance is a Key Component to Success

Should your shoot require access to areas under government control, for example National Parks (National Parks Authority), Historical Sites and Temples (The Fine Arts Department), Municipal and Urban Areas (Controlled by provincial and local Government Agencies), or Private Property, then your coordinator will work with you and the relevant third parties to obtain access to these locations. It should be noted, that the Thailand Film Office will not issue a general film permit until the concerned parties at each location have indicated that they agree in principal to our filming plans. 


Furthermore, once a shoot has been given the green light from the Thailand Film Office and other relevant third party stake holders, it is mandatory that foreign crews must be accompanied on their shoots by a government appointed watcher and represented by a licensed coordinator. The government appointed watcher is tasked with ensuring that the filming follows the script and filming schedule as outlined in the approved film permit, while the coordinator performs as a fixer / location manager to ensure the crew has appropriate access and the local support required so that everything runs to plan.


To avoid shoot disruption, legal issues and possible prosecution, for law violations, it is essential that foreign crews go through the appropriate process to get their filming plans approved by the Thai Government. Fortunately, our team at Film Permits Thailand has extensive experience processing film permits and helping international crews full fill their production goals in Thailand. We are standing ready to be your One Stop Film Permit and Production Support Shop in Thailand. 


What ever your production needs may be, whether you would like to come to the kingdom to capture content for Feature Films, Documentaries, Commercials, Corporate Events, Product Placements, Fashion Shows, MICE Events, Web Content, Weddings, News Media, Gaming Content or other forms of professionally filmed media, we have you covered with all the Thailand Film Permits and Production Support you will need to secure successful outcomes...

Our Team at Film Permit Thailand has successfully obtained Film Permits and provided production support in Thailand for films commissioned by dozens of major global broadcasters and streamers including Netflix, Disney+, Warner Brothers, Google, BBC1, ABC Australia, Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel, BBC4, BBC2, TV New Zealand, Nike, Smithsonian Society, Fox, Mr Beast, New York Times, Studio Ramsay, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, PBS America, The History Channel, Childrens BBC and many more. We have the experience and know how to successfully support your Thailand Film shoot from start to finish. Contact us today for all of your permit and production support needs.  

Your Film Permit and Production Support Partner In Thailand

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