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Hire Film Kit

As Southeast Asia's premiere film hub, Thailand has many major equipment vendors stocking everything you'll need for a small independent documentary to a high end cinematic feature film. At Film Permit Thailand, we have a significant in house line up of film equipment for rent plus we have long standing connections with several of Thailand's premiere film Equipment rental shops, so what ever your equipment needs are in Thailand, we can assist.


For Cameras: All major brands makes and models of motion cinema cameras are available, including ARRI Alexa Mini, ARRI Alexa SXT, ARRI Alexa LF, ARRI Amira, RED Epic Dragon, RED EPIC Helium 6k and 8k, Sony Venice, Sony FS7, Sony A1, A7S3, Flex 4k, DJI4D and more.

For Lenses: Lenses range from still photo to Zeiss Super Speeds, ARRI Master Primes, Hawk Anamorphics, Cooke S5/S7, Sony GMaster Lenses and more.

For Drones: the latest FPV Drones from DJI are available along with Inspire 3, Inspire 2, Mavic 3 Cine.

For grip and Lighting: All major makes and models of Lighting, generator trucks, techno cranes and computer controlled rigs are available.  

Digital Sliders, Cranes, Tripods: Monitors and a wide range of associated equipment is availabe. Contact us for more details. 

Your Film Permit and Production Support Partner In Thailand

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