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A Crucial Component For All Shoots

Location Permits and Filming Access Agreements

Film Permit Thailand Has Your Shoot Locations Covered

Location Permits and or Filming Access agreements are a critical component to the success of your film project in Thailand,. Our team at Film Permit Thailand has extensive experience with managing all kinds of location permits and filming access agreements with both Public and the private sector parties and are qualified to assist your team with obtaining access for filming.



It is important to note that the general film permit, which is issued by the Thailand Film Office Does Not automatically provide unfettered access to your filming locations. The general film permit should be seen as formal confirmation that the relevant Authorities at the Department of Tourism have assessed your filming proposal and they formally approve of the content you intend to capture in Thailand, assuming it is captured in compliance with your Thailand Film Permit Application Documents. To ensure a seamless production process with appropriate site access It is vitally important that Location Permits and Filming Access Agreements are sought and confirmed with the individual stake holders who oversee your specific filming locations. They are sought separately to the general film permit. 

For example: If a film project will occur partly inside of a Thai National Park + drone filming above a large municipal park is required + the production hopes to close off a small street for half a day in a remote village location and to film on a private farm. Then, at a minimum, this production would need to secure 4 x Location Permits / Filming Access Agreements in addition to the general film permit that is issued by the Thai Film Office. In the case of this particular example, the 4 x Location Permits / Filming access agreements would be as follows:

1)    National Parks Authority Permit (This Requires A Formal Government Application Process that requires the general film permit to be submitted with our application)
2)    Municipal Drone Filming Permit and Civil Abviation Authority Drone Permit (This Requires A Formal Government Application Process that requires the general film permit to be submitted with our application)
3)    Village Administration and local police for blocking a street (Depending on the size of the village, this could be a formal government process or an informal agreement with the village administration and local police).

4)    Farmer filming agreement (This would be an informal agreement directly with the farmer). 

Our film Permit Thailand Team has extensive experience in handling these kinds of location management matters and can reach out to each entity independently on your behalf, to ensure they understand our intentions and agree with our filming plans, if location fees are requested by the relevant parties, the costs will be clarified and confirmed up front, in the early stages of shoot planning so there are no unexpected surprises during the shoot.


In most cases, this filming access outreach is best done prior to our general film permit application being lodged with the Thai film office. Besides helping to investigate viability and costs, this advance outreach is important because as part of our General Film Permit Application, the Thailand Film Office will ask us for the contact details for the administrators of each specific location we intend to film at, as well as the contact details of any individuals to be interviewed. The film office will then independently contact the concerned third parties to confirm that they understand and approve of our filming plans

If we have not contacted these third parties and explained our intentions and gained their approval prior to officials from the Thailand film office cold calling them, there is a significant chance they might decline being involved with a filming project which they are entirely unfamiliar with. It is more effective for us to contact them in advance and ensure they support our intentions prior to the film office contacting them.

For these reasons, a key part of your pre-production process should be to ensure that you have communicated and agreed your intentions with the administrators charged with overseeing each of the key locations on your schedule. Our experienced and qualified team at Film Permit Thailand stand ready to assist in this regard. 

Our Team at Film Permit Thailand has successfully obtained Film Permits and provided production support in Thailand for films commissioned by dozens of major global broadcasters and streamers including Netflix, Disney+, Warner Brothers, Google, BBC1, ABC Australia, Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel, BBC4, BBC2, TV New Zealand, Nike, Smithsonian Society, Fox, Mr Beast, New York Times, Studio Ramsay, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, PBS America, The History Channel, Childrens BBC and many more. We have the experience and know how to successfully support your Thailand Film shoot from start to finish. Contact us today for all of your permit and production support needs.  

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