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The Film Permit Process Explained in 6 Steps

By Your One Stop Permit and Production Support Shop

Filming legally in Thailand requires that some standard bureaucratic formalities are completed by all foreign productions, regardless of size and scope. It is important that producers understand the requirements and allow sufficient time to complete the formalities. In order to assist with your planning process, Film Permit Thailand has produced a simple 6 Step Guide to getting your production legally up and running in Thailand.

For more specific advice relevant to your unique shoot requirements, feel free to complete the form below and one of our friendly team members can reach out with customized advice relevant to your particular requirements. Our local knowledge is sure to help you streamline the pre-production process while avoiding unnecessary pitfalls and delays. 

Thailand Film Permit Processing Guide In 6 Steps

Step1) At Your Earliest Convenience: You reach out to a Film Permit Thailand advisor to discuss your project objectives and the scope of works you have in mind. The sooner you do this in your production process the better. Our expert permit coordinators, location managers and fixers bring a wealth of film making experience in Thailand to the table and our insights in the earliest stages of project development will almost certainly streamline your production processes, help you to avoid bureaucratic pit falls and ultimately reduce time and expense.

Step 2) Pre Shoot Research, Development and Recce's. For many shoots, the research and development process can be completed remotely without the need for a location recce, while for other shoots, a location recce is considered essential by virtue of the fact that it answers many specific questions and provides insights that can only be investigated with boots on the ground. Either way, our team at Film Permit Thailand stand ready to assist your team at every step of the process with advice and or boots on the ground recce's. At this stage it is important to reach out to the relevant stakeholders at the key filming locations you will be working with to confirm that they are on board with your filming plans because during step 3, when the general film permit application is submitted, the Thai Film Office will cold call these third parties independently to check if they are on board, if they have not already been briefed about your project, they may decline involvement, an unnecessary spanner in the words.


When attempting to conduct independent research and attempting to explain the project concept and scope of works to Thai nationals, international productions quickly come to realize that the vast majority of Thai's don't speak conversational English, and most are too shy to attempt to communicate with foreigners. This make's remotely researching shoots from outside of Thailand both time consuming and ineffective compared to having an experienced Thai speaking producer investigating on your behalf. Our team brings a wealth of local experience, locations, contacts and knowledge to your project, assets that are sure to streamline the planning process and ultimately reduce time and expense for your production. 

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Step 3) General Film Permit Application Submitted. Once the research findings have been collated and the project is green lit, its time for your nominated licensed facilitator to process your film permit on your behalf with the Thailand Film Office. This typically entails several in person visits to the Film Office to attend meetings and physical submission of 26 x Translated printed copies of all relevant information. The relevant information you need to submit to your licensed facilitator for the general film permit include: 

* An assignment letter, nominating a Film Permit Thailand representative as your nominated coordinator who will facilitate your film permits with the Thailand Film Office on your behalf. 

* A film Permit Application Form. See Here

* A story board for TV Commercials

* A treatment for documentaries which outlines the production goals, who it is being produced for and where it will be screened.

* Theme, concept and lyrics for music videos

* Details of content and objectives of programming presentation for TV programs like current affairs and news. 

* If the film will iinclude interviews, please provide a list of sample questions and anticipated answers. 

* A daily schedule that identifies the who what when and where of crew movements and what will be filmed each day (Required For all types of productions).

* A crew list identifying formal crew occupations, passport numbers and arrival dates of foreign film crew.

* Scan of the photo page of all crew passports...



Time Frame For Your General Film Permit to be Green Lit: 1-5 weeks depending upon the size, scale and complexity of your shoot. Advertizements and music videos are usually green lit within one week, large scale feature films typically take as long as 4-5 weeks. Contact Our Team for a processing time estimate based on your particular production parameters. Important. Note: These general film permit processing time frame estimates do not include the extra time required to obtain additional location permits from other Thai Government departments that can only be applied for after we receive the general film permit. For example: All National Parks Permits, Drone Permits in Municipal Areas, Ministry of Fine Arts Permits, Permits to Divert Traffic etc can only be applied for after the general film permit has been issued, these additional government permits can take between 1-4 weeks to obtain after the general film permit is issued.,

Step 4) Your Support Team In Thailand Is Recruited: At a minimum, by law, each production must have a Facilitator/fixer and a Government appointed Watcher on location when filming. However most productions require a variety of support services and Personele locally such as Logistical Support, Skilled Crew, Casting, Kit Hire, Security, Set Building, Catering, Stunts, Ropes Access and various other specialty support services. Our team has extensive experience recruiting specialists in all of these areas for international productions. Contact us for more details...  


Step 5) Your Crew flies into Thailand, we can arrange for them to be met at the airport and helped through customs / carnet procedure by an airport agent, Carnet is stamped at customs and the crew is met at the arrivals gate by their 'Film Permit Thailand Facillitator / Fixer before travelling to the first shoot location.

Step 6) Passports with stamped arrival Visas are given to your Film Permit Thailand Facilitator, so that work permits can be processed in the background while crew set up kit and prepare for filming.

Note: The time frames mentioned above are provided for general guidance purposes only. Things like public holidays, rejection of certain details within your filming proposal based upon cultural or political reasons can all add to processing time frames. Once you have shared your filming proposal and general time frame with us, we will better able to provide you with a time line that more accurately reflects your specific production requirements. 

Our Team at Film Permit Thailand has successfully obtained Film Permits and provided production support in Thailand for films commissioned by dozens of major global broadcasters and streamers including Netflix, Disney+, Warner Brothers, Google, BBC1, ABC Australia, Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel, BBC4, BBC2, TV New Zealand, Nike, Smithsonian Society, Fox, Mr Beast, New York Times, Studio Ramsay, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, PBS America, The History Channel, Childrens BBC and many more. We have the experience and know how to successfully support your Thailand Film shoot from start to finish. Contact us today for all of your permit and production support needs.