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Your Film Fixer / Coordinator 

An experienced and capable Film Fixer / Coordinator will save your production time and expense at every turn. At Film Permit Thailand, our team has been fixing films for over 20 years in Thailand and has worked on over 100 successful international shoots here. Including shoots commissioned by major networks including Netflix, Disney +, Warner Bro's, National Geographic, BBC, Discovery Channel, Google, Nike and Various National Broadcasters. During the process, we have developed an extensive network of locations, tried and tested film industry contacts and most importantly, production experience, that consistently delivers value to our clients by helping them maximize potential and cost effectiveness while avoiding pitfalls. 


Your Qualified Fixer / Coordinator from Film Permits Thailand Stands Ready to Assist Your Production in The Following Areas:

  •    General Film Permits.

  •    Location Permits. Such as National Parks, Historical Sites, Municipal Areas, Private Property

  •    Drone Permits

  •    Research and Recce's.

  •    Logistics.

  •    Recruitment and Casting.

  •    Carnet and Customs.

  •    Kit Hire

  •    Set Design and Construction 

  •    Carnet and Customs


 When filming in Thailand it is important for foreign producers to appreciate the importance of bridging the cultural divide between their own culture and Thailand's. In only 4 decades, Thailand developed from a low income, predominantly agrarian Southeast Asian society, to the upper middle income nation, and a global tourism hub with excellent infrastructure and a thriving digital economy.



Despite firmly embracing progress and globalization, Thai culture remains deeply rooted in old traditions and customs that most outsiders remain oblivious to. Thailand remains a hierarchical society with subtle yet important codes of conduct and etiquette that can make all the difference when researching, investigating, negotiating and cooperating with locals. This is yet another reason why it is so important that you recruit a fixer who possesses significant experience in bridging this gap between cultural divides...

Navigating Cultural Idiosyncrasies, Is Easy, With Thoughtful Guidance.

Your Film Permit and Production Support Partner In Thailand

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